Improving Brain Function with Chiropractic Care

All your body functions are influenced by your brain, your body’s epicenter of functionality. We normally associate the brain with actions like memory and emotion, but the brain controls so many other things such as posture and balance, digestion, immune response, hormone production and sexual function. The brain has the ability to form new neural connections and reorganize itself. It is called neuroplasticity.

Negative Neuroplasticity

As we age, our brain starts to wear down through a process called negative neuroplasticity. It causes memory loss, decreased mental acuity and dementia.

It is extremely important to maintain our brains in good working condition. However, even regular brain exercise or activities to work out our brains like solving a crossword or number puzzle are not sufficient to reverse the effects that time has caused. Factors like noise, weather, pollution, chemicals from the intake of food and other substances, and negative emotions create physical, chemical and emotional stressors that can cause damage to the neural pathways in the brain. These stressors, when left unstopped will accelerate brain degeneration process and memory loss. Negative neuroplasticity weakens not only the brain but nerve function as well, causing the functioning of the entire body to be affected negatively. Removing the damage brought by those stressors is the only option to slow the process down.

Although there is no definite cure for this degenerative process, chiropractic care can rewire the brain and rejuvenate it.

Chiropractc Care and Positive Neuroplascticity

Positive neuroplasticity is possible to achieve for improved memory and cognitive functions, optimized healing and elevated mood. There are several ways positive neuroplasticity can be stimulated. Chiropractic care is one of the most effective and powerful methods to do this and boost brain function as well as healing.

Reducing stress on the body, particularly on its nervous system, is the primary aim of chiropractic care. Positive neuroplasticity can be had through spinal adjustments, which can slow the degeneration of the brain function and lessen mental decline.

The benefits of chiropractic adjustments are highlighted in the results of a study that was presented at the International Research and Philosophy Symposium. It was held at the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. The study revealed that chiropractic adjustments lead to significant and quick improvement in all aspects of brain function. The study was conducted over a period three years with 100 volunteers. In this study, post-electroencephalogram (EEG) scans were used to measure brainwave pattern changes. The brain function of these volunteers were monitored before chiropractic adjustments were done and after the chiropractic treatment. Using EEG, the brain function was measured using four primary frequencies, namely, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. These waves reflect the different modes of the brain, as follows:

  • Alpha waves – meditative, healing and relaxing mode
  • Beta waves – active and busy mode
  • Theta – relaxation, light sleep and conceptual development mode
  • Delta – repair mode, deep sleep and energy storage

A notable increase was seen in the Alpha brainwave patterns. Alpha brainwaves are associated with a high degree of relaxation, healing and health. A relaxed brain facilitates a stronger memory – both short-term and long-term – and a more efficient thought-life.

Results of scientific and medical researches such as this, continue to confirm and reinforce what the practitioners of chiropractic have known for more than a hundred years – Chiropractic care removes the stress in your nerve system and revitalizes the brain for a healthy function and normal healing.

The brain and nervous system are immensely important to our overall wellbeing because they control all bodily function. Memory loss, depression, health problems and so many other issues can arise from a stressed brain. A relaxed brain on the other hand, can bring about improved cognitive abilities, stronger memory and a more positive outlook in life, which can all contribute to better life quality. Let chiropractic care be a part of your regular wellness program. Chiropractic adjustments can help you achieve optimal healing, improved brain function and neuroplasticity.